Finding the right staff for You

From the first phase of our clients' project, to the construction and installation of services, we can satisfy the recruitment needs for both professional and technical staff. Our business is to deliver employers with the right candidate for each job vacancy they place with us.

We do this by adopting a consultative approach to assessing each employer’s specific requirements and understanding their company culture, ethics and working environment. By understanding each client's individual needs we can deliver the right people - every time.

With every element of the recruitment process being carefully monitored, we also take great care to match individual candidate's aspirations and skills to client needs.

Our specialist recruitment consultants use their sector knowledge, experience and advanced technology solutions to find the right candidate to match your requirements. Each client has a single point of contact that will liaise with them on a regular basis and also keep in close communication with the workers, to ensure they are satisfied throughout the contract.

The Recruitment Process

Permanent Positions

Every candidate is pre-screened by TradeForce Services using the following process:

  • A structured interview with a consultant who will assess the overall quality of the candidate, probe and question in detail about their employment history and accurately determine the personal and career motivators of the candidate.
  • A CV is taken from the candidate and a summary of which will sent to the client for applicants who have undertaken the primary interview successfully. This allows clients to make easy comparisons from one applicant to another.
  • A TradeForce Reference Request Form is sent to previous managers and kept on the applicants file.
  • Every candidate is fully briefed on the opportunity to ensure that there is a detailed understanding by the candidate of the role, the company, the career progression, support for professional development and all other areas which will ensure a match between what the candidate wants and what the client can offer.
  • Interviews are arranged with the client.
Temporary Positions

The process for temporary positions is similar to that of permanent, except candidate interviews are generally conducted by phone due to the fast turn-around required by clients. We endeavour to obtain a reference from a client when a temporary candidate completes an assignment, to ensure that the referencing process is constantly refreshed for each candidate. We strive to keep workers who consistently receive good reports in work at all times and keep an up-to-date list of available workers for our clients’ perusal.


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