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TradeForce Services specialise in the recruitment of technical and engineering professionals covering a wide range of areas within the Construction Trades, Building Services Maintenance, and Mechanical & Electrical Divisions.

Our Experience

Our directors have a combined experience of over 40 years in the Construction Recruitment Industry, and continue to have an active role in the day-to-day dealings with clients and operatives alike.

Our Location

We are located in Surrey, just 40 minutes from central London. As a result, the majority of our vacancies are in London itself and the South East of England. However, we do serve clients throughout the UK; including Scotland, Greater Manchester, Birmingham, and the South West.

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After you have registered, send us your CV. We've provided some tips to help you create one. Once you have it in either Word (.docx) or PDF format, go to our CV submission form and follow instructions.

Payroll queries

At TradeForce Services, we have a dedicated payroll team on hand to ensure you are paid on time, every time.


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Why choose us?

Check out the 5 Cs:

  • Candidates: a strong portfolio of clients ensures a ready supply of high quality jobs
  • Clients: the CVs we have on file ensure a rapid and professional response to your needs
  • Compatibility: our experience and connections enable us to match 'round pegs into round holes'
  • Communications: we take a pride in keeping in frequent contact with both clients and candidates
  • Charges: we have a highly competitive pricing structure

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